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Thibodeaux, La – Down the bayou is where you find a guy who’s transforming his life and transforming himself.

And he’s doing it with Cajun spices.

His name is Jason. Jason Derouen.

WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood says Jason has got to have the quickest commute in America.

The commute Jason takes every morning is from his bedroom to his kitchen.  It’s about eight to ten steps.  That’s at the very most.

After Jason got laid off from his Louisiana oil field job, his life really got cooking.

He took family recipes and his I-phone and started making mouth-watering videos for Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat.

Wild Bill asks Jason Derouen, “how good is your gumbo?”

Jason says, “good enough to go viral on video.  So far 28 million viewers!”

Wild Bill says Jason is a little like Rachel Ray, but coated in cayenne pepper.  That’s how Jason Derouen transforms himself from the husband of Misty and the father of three, Bella, Zoe and Juliette.

Jason transforms himself into The Cajun Ninja.

Well, he does have his third degree black belt in taekwondo.

After he cooks up a recipe for another video which will go viral in a matter of moments, Jason serves up the dish to his family.

That’s his wife and his daughters.

He’s the man who feeds his family.

And because he’s The Cajun Ninja, he’s the man who feeds his fans.

You can join the millions of fans all over the world watching The Cajun Ninja’s videos on Facebook, just click right here to connect with him.