Pirate ghosts in Lafitte swamp arghhhhhh real!

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BARATARIA, La. (WGNO) — Anyone who is from New Orleans or the surrounding parishes knows that Jean Lafitte was the original Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean but did you know that much like in the scene from the movie, pirate ghosts still haunt the swamp land?

According to New Orleans psychic, Cari Roy, pirates guarding their secrets and treasure still surround the Bayous. She has personally had encounters with the spirits at Bayou Barn, in Jean Lafitte National Park. “I could sense the presence of a very very large, kind of scary man, he was not mean to me, he didn’t threaten me, but I sensed that he was protecting his area for when he had planted the gold,” said Cari.

Tammy Friloux, the owner of the Bayou Barn, claims she has also had encounters with friends from the other side on her swampland property. She will hear footsteps on the roof, or notice a chair out of place at her restaurant. Also on the land, is a 10-foot alligator she inherited when she set up shop in Barataria. Workers believe the gator is guarding something on one side of the Bayou because he is very protective of certain areas and won’t let crews clean.

Hundreds of years ago pirates entered New Orleans through Barataria Bay making it very likely that their hidden bounty could be located in the swamps of what is today, Jean Lafitte National Park. So next time you’re out on a swamp tour, you may run into an angry pirate guarding his booty.

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