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SLIDELL, La – Do you know what season we’re smack dab in the middle of?

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood  says we’re in cookie season.

That’s Girl Scout Cookie Season.

Actually, the cookie clock is ticking, so you’d better get your orders in soon.

You’ve still got time to buy a box. Or five for $20.

That’s how many the Slidell, Louisiana Girl Scout Wild Bill Wood wants you to meet wants to sell you.

She’s such a good sales scout, she’s one of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by the good folks at the Keating Law Firm.

That’s why she’s rolling down the road with a cart full of cookies and a brain full of ideas.

Her name is Kai DeBerry.

Wild Bill asks her, “What is your specific cookie selling strategy?”

Kai DeBerry says, “to always smile and make sure you’re kind to all the people and always help them by telling them which kind of cookies you have available right now for them.”

Kai DeBerry is more than a sixth grader with a smile.

On a Slidell, Louisiana sidewalk, Kai is an 11-year-old business woman.

And she’s got a plan to sell what Girl Scouts have been selling now for about a century.

Kai DeBerry says she’s got a plan, “one of my favorite things to do when selling Girl Scout Cookies is to always say you can buy five boxes for $20 so that motivates people to buy more boxes.

Wild Bill says, “I’d bet you would even come up with a payment plan!”

Kai says, “well, sure.”

Kai DeBerry has been selling Girl Scout Cookies since she was five.

She’s heard every excuse from every kind of customer when it comes to buying a box of her cookies.

People say they’re not in the mood.

They’re not hungry.

They’re on a diet.

To that Kai DeBerry simply and always says, “well you can donate your boxes to someone else.”

Kai DeBerry says her mission is more than just making a lot of dough.

That’s Girl Scout Cookie dough.

She says she hopes to inspire everybody.

Kai says, ” if you work hard and set goals, you can reach any goal you put your mind to.”

That’s why when people say, “no”.

One Girl Scout always says, “thank you.”