Online shoppers listen up! Some tips to avoid stolen packages

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NEW ORLEANS -- “If you leave that stuff out there, it's like bait. It's like luring the criminals in your neighborhood," says Paul Noel with the New Orleans Police Department.

And that's the last thing you want especially, during Christmastime. That's why Noel says the best thing you can do to avoid becoming a victim of a porch package theft is to install surveillance cameras.

"Not only does that deter the thief from going to your front porch when they see the camera, but when they do go up to get that package, you've got excellent video, which allows us to capture and identify the perpetrator," says Noel.

And if you work long hours or the night shift, have your packages sent to your workplace instead. A post office box is another option for added safety.

"If somebody is driving down the street and they see a bunch of goods sitting in the front of your house, they pass by an hour later and there are a bunch of boxes still sitting in front of your home, they know you're not home," says Noel.

But the good news is, porch package thieves aren't going unnoticed or unpunished.

Noel says another deterrent is proper lighting and letting your neighbors know you're expecting something in the mail. The more eyes, the better.

"We're catching them. We're catching them left and right, we're locking them up. So criminals that are continuing to do this, they're going to jail,” says Noel.


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