One tough cookie: America’s top pastry chef and her chocolate chip perfection

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NEW ORLEANS - There's a hot spot restaurant in New Orleans CBD where the lines are long.

Really long.

That's because the place is good.

Really good.

And now, WGNO News with a Twist fun guy Wild Bill Wood says the lines are about to get even longer.

That's because the chef there just got awarded one of the top culinary prizes in all America.

When you walk in, you will behold the prize.

Well, what helped win the prize.

It's the chocolate chip cookie.

It's so good, it got New Orleans Chef Kelly Fields the James Beard Award.

Think of the Oscar, the Emmy and the Grammy all rolled into one big buffet of a prize that Kelly actually wore around her neck the night she won.

Wild Bill wonders, "did you have an acceptance speech?"

Chef Kelly Fields says, "all I remember on stage is trying not to throw up so no, I did not have an acceptance speech that night."

Kelly's world is Willa Jean.

It's the New Orleans restaurant where breakfast, lunch and dinner celebrate the South.

You can get everything from collard greens to lamb pot pie.

But it's those cookies that seem to seal the deal for the chef who's had the right recipe for what seems like forever.

Wild Bill asks Chef Kelly Fields, "what's the first thing you ever cooked?"

Kelly Fields says, "I remember making pancakes when I was five  years old and I would help my mom out in the kitchen so I could lick the egg beater."

Wild Bill says, "and you're still that same five-year-old in the kitchen today!"

Kelly Fields does not hesitate to say, "100 percent, 100 percent!"

The blue ribbon for best pastry chef arrives, finally, after five years of national nominations for Chef Kelly Fields.

Wild Bill wonders, "what's next the pastry job at the White House or maybe Buckingham Palace?"

Kelly Fields says, "who knows, we'll see where it goes.

And she will see.

When you cross the finish line and get the gold medal, you never know how your cookie crumbles, next.


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