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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The original building of the Place d’Armes Hotel was the first school in French Colonial Louisiana established in 1725. The school burned down in the 1700s taking the lives of some of the students, teachers and the headmaster at the time.

Now two centuries later many visitors from all over the world stay at the luxury hotel and many come away with a paranormal experience.

Sidney Smith, owner of the Haunted History Tours, was approached by a woman who stayed in the Place d’Armes Hotel saying she apparently had a conversation with a ghost.

Smith says the woman was on her hotel room balcony and she saw a man on his hotel balcony just adjacent to her. They then had a long conversation.

Later, the woman went to the hotel lobby and talked about the cool man she met on the adjacent balcony.

The clerk told her that no one was staying in that room. The woman knew for a fact she talked to a man earlier that day. The desk clerk replied, “Oh, him, that’s our ghost!”

Like many of us, if we heard such a thing we would think someone was kidding around right? The next day when the lady checked out the desk clerk told her that many guests experienced a visit from the bearded guy who is believed to be the first headmaster of the school where the hotel now sits.

Kinda creepy right?