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“You’ve never left a movie theater feeling what you’re going to feel leaving this play. The immediacy of the human beings just a few feet away from you going through some of the things that the audience itself has gone through, I think it makes an experience that would never be duplicated on film,” says writer John Biguenet.

Biguenet is at it again. This time he is making the last play in his trilogy about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina come to life.

“Mold is so much a part of our life and I’m sure that many people walking into this theater, simply looking at this set, will begin to wheeze. This play is a fitting culmination to the entire trilogy. It stands by itself, but it also knits together threads that began to unravel in the first two plays,” says Biguenet.

MOLD is about a couple who evacuate a day before Katrina hit and come back home nearly a year later to deal with reality. It hits close to home for several New Orleanians including Biguenet and actress Carol Sutton who plays a woman who chose not to evacuate.

“If you see this play you’ll see what my character has to go through and when I think about not evacuating, if I would have stayed here, I may have had to go through the same thing. I don’t know if I would have been as brave as she was. The two main characters, the emotions that they go through are fascinating to me. I wish I could tell you more, but I just want people to come and see for themselves and they’ll see what I’m talking about,” cats Sutton.

Rising Water, the first play in that trilogy, became Southern Rep’s longest running and most successful show and they expect similar results from this one.

The show is now running the Contemporary Arts center at 900 Camp Street. It runs until April 14th.

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