No air conditioning at this school. Just ‘swamp conditioning’

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WETLAND WATCHERS PARK, St. Charles Parish, La –  In one corner of Louisiana, kids were going  back to school long before school was even back.

It’s a school that sometimes seems harder than even Harvard to get into.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood travels to St. Charles Parish, Louisiana to Wetland Watchers Park where he heads into Swamp School.

It’s harder than Harvard, sort of, to get into because it’s popular.  Kids from across America aim to sign up every year when the school opens up for online enrollment.

The qualifications to get into Swamp School are, you need to smart. You need to be dedicated.  And you need to have a real love for the Louisiana swamp.

That’s where Wild Bill Wood finds a class of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

At Swamp School, kids say to heck with homework.  Why not?

The kids at this Louisiana school have simply gone fishing.

Wild Bill says to one of the students at Swamp School, “it looks like you like this school better than maybe your other school that you go to most of the year?”

Dominick Maddie, a 12-year-old from Ama, Louisiana says to Wild Bill he likes it better “because one, it’s outside and two, you don’t have to do math.”

No kidding, this kid Dominick Maddie likes Swamp School.  He’s back this year for his fourth year in a row.

Wild Bill asks, “why do you care so much about the Louisiana swamp?”

Dominick says, “because sometimes people destroy it bad ways, there’s a lot of trash over there.”

Over there, as Dominick points to trash in the park.

Well, there used to be a lot of trash over there.  Dominick Maddie got to work cleaning it up.

That’s the way kids like Dominick learn at swamp school.

That’s Swamp School where every kid gets a swamp name like Water Moccasin or Shark.

This school, Swamp School, is a real walk in the park.

The park they walk in is Wetland Watchers Park in St. Charles Parish.

Kids learn about the Louisiana land and the water that’s all around it.

Thelma Toussant is a 12-year-old from New Orleans.  It’s Thelma’s second year at Swamp School.

Wild Bill asks her, “do you learn anything in a canoe that you can take with you in life?”

Thelma Toussant says, “yes, you learn to persevere, keep going, even when the road gets tough.”

The only thing you won’t find at Swamp School is air conditioning.

Because you don’t need air conditioning when what you go to school to get, is swamp conditioning.

If you’d like to know how to sign up for Swamp School, just click right here, please.


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