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America doesn't like a liar.  But it despises a hypocrite.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could be both.

The Ray Rice video from the elevator of that Atlantic City casino showing the former Baltimore Raven running back punching his then fiancee in the face and knocking her out has surfaced.

TMZ, the popular internet gossip site, released the elevator video Monday.  Goodell says that's the first time he saw the video.  The Associated Press says they verified that the NFL offices received the tape back in early April or over five months ago.  They also have audio from an  employee at the NFL offices acknowledging that they viewed the video and even commented on how terrible it was.

Goodell says that's not true.  Either Goodell is incompetent and was oblivious to the tape he should have seen when others in the NFL offices apparently did or he is simply lying.  Either way, Goodlell looks bad.

Will the commissioner of the NFL have to resign or be removed from office?  If it's proven he saw the video before this week, he's done.  If they can't prove it, he probably keeps his gig.  A gig that pays him over $100,000 a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Not bad money for a guy who is at the least incompetent, or is at worst a liar and hypocrite.

I'm Kaare Johnson.


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