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I think the Republicans got it right.

Years ago, a wise conservative was making fun of the Democrats and their fascination with getting Hollywood types to promote their party or cause.  Actors and musicians would publicly endorse a particular candidate or make public political statements, usually for the Democrats and against the Republicans.

The higher-ups in the Republican Party realized rather quickly the worthlessness of these endorsements. Who in their right mind in America would vote the way some actor or rock star told them to vote? How could an actor making $20 million a film have any influence on voters in the real world?  You'd have to be pretty naive to expect quality commentary on politics coming from some Hollywood types.

But the Democrats kept using the celebrities and the Republicans mostly stayed away.

That was until now.

Following a lead the Republicans used to oppose, they are now using celebrity endorsements.  Well at least one: Phil Robertson.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch has recently been a guest on Fox and other right-leaning news shows talking politics.  Phil Robertson knows a lot about duck calls, hunting, and fishing, and apparently little else.  His extreme rants, which usually include his own literal interpretation of the Bible, are anything but consensus building. It's more about alienation.

Honestly, who cares what Phil Robertson thinks? Besides the fact that his 15 minutes of fame is almost up.

Republicans used to know this. Hollywood celebrity endorsements don't win elections. They may actually be the blueprint on how to lose them.


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