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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Add this to the list of titles we don’t want, but aren’t very surprised to receive.

According to the LawnStarter Lawn Care blog, the U.S. Census Bureau put out an American Housing Survey in 2015, and as part of the survey they found that roaches are spotted in more homes in New Orleans than any other city in the country.

Who knew the Census Bureau surveyed cockroaches?

From the blog:

New Orleans and these three other metros have warm, humid climates where cockroaches thrive. Bayer Advanced, a maker of pesticides, says cockroaches are the No. 1 bug in homes and other structures. About 55 species of cockroach can be found in the U.S., according to J&J Pest Control, which operates in the Austin, TX, area.

In New Orleans, the cockroach might even be observed partaking in the party-hearty atmosphere on Bourbon Street.

“Some roaches do seem to like alcoholic beverages, beer included,” according to pest control giant Terminix. “This is not a myth, though it’s likely because of the sugars found in alcohol, not because roaches like to party.”

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