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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On Wednesday, the Chicago Cubs will take on the Pittsburgh Pirates in hopes of remaking history of the 1984 National League clincher, and head to the second round of playoffs against the St. Louis Cardinals. New Orleans, a city without a major league baseball team, takes pride in supporting the underdog, as the Saints have been many times over. Chicago native, Meghan Kluth of New with a Twist, found the perfect place for any Cubs fan to watch.

There is a large Cubs following on the Gulf Coast because as soon as cable arrived in New Orleans, locals were able to get WGN, the sole broadcaster of the Chicago Cubs games at the time. Without a team to support in the city, New Orleans became an adopted fan base, divided between the Astros, Braves, and Cubs.

Dave McCammon, the proprietor of Milan Lounge (1312 Milan St.) for 35 years, made his dive bar the official bar of the Chicago Cubs in New Orleans in 1983. His bartender at the time was a transplant from Cincinnati, a Cubs fan none-the-less and couldn’t not like the loveable losers.

According to McCammon, Harry Carey used to shout out Milan Lounge during live broadcasts, and at one point there was Wrigley Field ivy on the walls, bleachers, and 100 watt light bulbs in the bar, so attendees could feel like they were sitting in left field while enjoying an ice cold Old Style.

Its current owners, Kevin Burley and Tony Roth, took over the bar 6-months ago, but they are seeing through its tradition of airing every Cubs game and hosting the playoffs complete with a menu of Chicago Style hot dogs, brats, and polish sausage.

In 1984 when the Cubs beat the Pirates in their playoff run, owner Dave McCammon celebrated with champagne showers. On Wednesday, history could repeat itself.

Coincidentally, the curse of the billy goat was reportedly placed on the Cubs October 7, 1945, dooming them to a life without championships. But Kevin and Tony are taking a step in the right director to rid themselves and team of curses by welcoming Steve Bartman to take refuge in their Uptown dive, Wednesday night.