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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The Haunted Hotel on Ursulines Ave. sits in the historic French Quarter.

Haunted History Tours in New Orleans says that in the early 1900s bodies were found in homes in Texas with an ax left behind at the crime scenes. The murders over the years started to migrate to New Orleans. But, the police wrote the murders off because they believed the killings were the work of the Mafia. All the victims were Italian,  owned their own business, and had an ax left behind.

After an investigation took place to check for paranormal activity at the hotel, there were readings and signs of paranormal activity in one particular corner of the courtyard. The ghost hunters assumed the serial killer hid in this spot because the readings gave off a sense of a killer.

The hunters could only assume, based on the time period and where the murders took place in the Quarter, that it had to be where the New Orleans ax man was hiding.

Haunted History Tours says that when tourists enter the courtyard, some people begin to feel very uncomfortable and are shaken up.

The Haunted Hotel on Ursulines is currently an extended-stay hotel.