New company wants to Bring Fresh Produce to the Streets

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New Orleans – Louisiana is one of the nation’s most food insecure states.

Meaning many people here worry about getting their next meal.

A new company named “Harvest” hopes to combat that by bringing food to the communities that need it most.

“I think the more engaging with green spaces and inner cities and identifying the problems around New Orleans such as food security, just really started out in a place of wanting to solve a problem. Bringing access to fresh goods to venues from around the city.”

Harvest founder Brandon Pellerin is a New Orleans native and wants to not only feed communities but find more Louisiana farmers so they have direct access to those in need.”

“Just bring fresh foods to places like New Orleans East that I feel is truly being under represented,” says Pellerin.

Pellerin sets up shop weekly outside the St. Roch Market. but with his new bike carts he plans to bring the food to the streets.

“I’m just excited for the idea just to solve problems in a way like Mr. Okra did, that I think was truly effective,” he says.

His next adventure to head to nursing homes with his food.

“Those people I find are on the front end of being overlooked in these places. Walmart is not coming to them, farm communities are not coming to them, markets are not really going to them. We think it would be great idea to just bring the produce set up in their community spaces. Serve them where they are, meet them where they are as the mayor would say,” says Pellerin.

Through partnerships with farmers and cutting out as many middle men as possible Pellerin hopes to keep his prices low so the people he helps can continue to get the healthy food they need.


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