The Boy in the Window (until he turns 21)

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NEW ORLEANS –  His horn is his life.

So he moved his life all the way across the country.

He moved from Seattle, Washington all the way to New Orleans, Louisiana.

He moved to New Orleans to attend Loyola University of New Orleans.

His name is Raphael Zimmerman.

At Loyola, he’s now a college freshman.

Raphael Zimmerman is getting his degree in jazz.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is at Loyola University’s College of Music and Fine Arts.

Wild Bill is in music theory class with Raphael Zimmerman.

Raphael is analyzing every note.

He’s thinking about the beat.

He’s spending six hours a day, every day, in a rehearsal room barely big enough for Raphael Zimmerman and the sound that’s coming from his horn.

His trumpet.

Wild Bill asks him, “you came to New Orleans just to study jazz?”

Raphael says, “I moved from Seattle to become immersed in the culture of New Orleans and to study jazz here.”

Wild Bill wonders, “so your ideal to play your trumpet now that you’re here in New Orleans?”

Raphael Zimmerman does not have to think about what his answer is, “it’s inside a jazz club!”

Wild Bill asks, “how old are you?”

Raphael says, “I’m 19.”

Wild Bill responds, “that’s way too young, you will never play inside a New Orleans jazz club.”

Meanwhile, about a block off Bourbon Street, it’s Sunday night.

And it’s jam session night at the Starlight Lounge.

And Raphael Zimmerman joins in.

He joins in by standing outside the club.

He’s on the sidewalk.

He is in the window.

Wild Bill observes, “you don’t have to be in the club to play the club.”

Raphael Zimmerman says, “they discovered I was under age, they kicked me out and band members suggest I play outside and I figured why not?”

Wild Bill’s reaction is, “they opened your window of opportunity.”

Raphael Zimmerman says, “they sure did.”

He’s no outsider now.

He’s just another man making music in the French Quarter.

That is until Raphael turns 21.

Until then, he’s the boy in the window.

If you want Raphael Zimmerman to play in your window or any stage, here’s how to find him:

Booking and inquiries:

Social Media: Instagram: @raphael_zimmerman

Facebook: Raphael Zimmerman Music


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