Getting New Orleans folks to “Move Ya Brass”

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New Orleans – Getting fit around our area can be tough.

Between the great food, having to pay for a gym membership, or the risk of falling into a pothole during a jog it can be tough. But one movement in the city is looking to make it easy on people to get fit.

“It’s New Orleans music, it’s New Orleans bounce with some ab focused twerking,” Robin Barnes says with a laugh.

Barnes is the founder of the “Move Ya Brass” movement.

The Mississippi River roars nearby as music fills the air, with about ten people gathering in front of a speaker at Crescent Park. Along side them matching them step for step is the “Songbird of New Orleans.”

“If I see anyone just passing by in class, I say come have fun with us, it’s completely free just come have fun with us!”

You read that right, she said free!

Barnes says, “the emphasis is on free. We want people to come and have something to look forward to that involves the spirit of New Orleans, the music, and it’s inviting wee  want everyone to come and join us.”

No matter the race, age, gender or whatever; everyone is invited to come and join in on the fun.

Getting people to come back isn’t all that hard either.

“I think it’s an accountability thing. I think the minute people join us, they realize we’re a family. You know, you never want to disappoint your family. People keep coming back because they want to have fun and at the same time they know somebody is going to be looking for them.”

For a complete schedule on when and where you can find the free classes click here.


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