Miz Maudie: An alter ego of a little old lady with a lot of country humor

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PONCHATOULA, La. — Kathryn Martin has been transforming herself into her alter ego for 38 years.

This persona is an elderly lady who grew up in the country named “Miz Maudie,” and it all started when Kathryn work at a college in Tennessee.

“I played a joke, a practical joke. I was a teacher, and the president [of the college] asked for the professors to have part in a talent show. I dressed up like a little old lady. They were laughing too hard. I wasn’t expecting that,” Kathryn recalls.

She started getting requests to come and perform as Miz Maudie at different events around the area.

That’s when she was discovered by country comedian, Minnie Pearl.

“She said, ‘You’re going to make millions because you have a God-given talent.’ I said, ‘I’d like to keep mine more of a ministry. I’d like to go places where they want clean humor and inspiration,” says Kathryn.

She took her act on the road as both Miz Maudie and as herself.

She became an inspirational speaker, an author, and started traveling around the country and Canada.

Some of her books include “Mama Likes the Nursing Home,” and “Long Way From Lonely.”

During her trips, Kathryn speaks on topics such as, “Laughter a Miraculous Ingredient for the Heart”, “You can do it”, “How to Overcome Discouragement”,

When she’s not on the go, Kathryn is home in Ponchatoula writing for the Daily Star or for pleasure, but her true love is making a different in people’s lives through her shows.

“To have people come up and say, ‘I never thought I’d laugh again,’ or, ‘I’ve given up hope.’ It meant so much and still means so much,” says Kathryn.

She says she’s kept the act alive for almost 40 years, and she’s worn the same exact dress playing Miz Maudie the entire time.

It’s endured a lot of wear and tear, but there must be some magic in the fabric that keeps Miz Maudie’s clean country humor on the road!


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