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BAY ST. LOUIS, Ms. –  What is Mississippi Meditation?

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says all you have to do is click play and breathe.

And after that part of your meditation, how about a little drum music?

The drums are from the Bay Ratz Marching Battery of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

And so you ask, just who are these drumming Bay Ratz?

Well, The Bay Ratz Marching Battery is a group of kids of all ages .  And these kids of all ages have one thing in common. They all like to bang on stuff.

There are a few grown ups among the kids as well.

And all of them are on a mission.

They want kids of all ages along the Mississippi Gulf Coast to learn about music.

They want the kids to learn how to compose music.

And through all this, they learn team building and self confidence.

And as you’ll hear, here, they’re pretty good drummers, too.

The Drummer in Chief of the Bat Ratz Marching Battery is a guy from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi by the name of Brian Wilemon.

Brian is a drummer and he is a dad.  He’s got two boys.

And Brian Wilemon heard the same thing being said all over town and around his community that,  “there’s nothing for kids to do in this town.”

Brian Wilemon decided to “do something” about kids who had “nothing to do”.

So he started the Bay Ratz Marching Battery for kids of all ages to not just “do something” but do something good for themselves and their corner of Mississippi.

Listen and if you’re interested in becoming one of the Bay Ratz, all you have to do is just click right here.