Milano Cookies and Pretzel Crisps release limited edition holiday flavors

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Limited Edition Candy Cane Milano cookies and Holiday Pretzel Crisps are now available for the holiday season.

Try Limited Edition Candy Cane Milano cookies for the perfect balance of crisp, delicate cookies and luxuriously rich chocolate with a delicious holiday twist.

But don’t fall too in love with them, as they are only available until December 31.

And as if Pretzel Crisps could get any better, two new flavors have also been announced.

Now available in Dark Chocolate & Peppermint and White Chocolate & Peppermint.

Both are dipped in rich, velvety real dark chocolate or rich, creamy, white chocolate flavored coating, then sprinkled with a delicate burst of refreshing peppermint candy pieces.

Find the perfect combination of sweet indulgence and salty crunch, but only until December 31!


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