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You may have noticed how Saints Head Coach, Sean Payton is looking ripped and muscular these days.

It’s all because of his CrossFit training at Big Easy CrossFit.

News with a Twist’s Kenny Lopez met the Coach’s Coach, Zack DiBenedetto and learned  the CrossFit exercises which DiBenedetto teaches Coach Payton.

“I was stunned for second when Coach Payton first walked in.  My heart started beating fast.  I was like is this dude really working out in my facility,”  DiBenedetto said.

Coach Payton came in knowing what to do.

“He came in with good form.  We cleaned him up a bit and now he’s rock-n-rolling,” he said.

Coach DiBenedetto has some advice for Coach Payton as they take on the Seattle Seahawks this weekend.

“If you can handle CrossFit, you’ll have no problem taking on the Seahawks.  Stay mentally strong,”  DiBenedetto said.

Big Easy CrossFit is located at 2401 Tchoupitoulas Street.

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