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Ever heard someone say, “You’re a poet and you didn’t know it?”

Now’s a chance to hone that unknown talent.

Poetic versification and erotic compositions are being composed on a Frenchmen street sidewalk, and then reproduced out of a throwback typewriter.  Remember those?

“The stars above us shine without strife or complaint. A peaceful brilliance, “ says street poet Matt Robinson reading back a poem to a customer.

The concept is basic. You talk about it and Robinson writes about it.

“They give me an idea,” says Robinson. “Something to work with. Something to write about.  Sometimes people will just come up with a word or a topic.”

Propped sitting next to Robinson is a different type of poet, “That’s Cameryn, She writes smut on the spot and erotica.”

“I do custom erotica,” chimes in Cameryne Moore, who says random people walk up and unlock their dirtiest darkest secrets for her to write about, “ It’s a mystery to me that it works.  But it does.”

The Frenchmen street poets conceive, scribble and methodically peck on their vintage typing machines late into the Marigny night.

“72 years old this machine,” says Robinson proudly of his Royal typewriter. “And it runs like a top. It is a gorgeous machine. I take care of it. Keep it clean.”

“A typewriter really is the only way to create things on the street and give it away,” says Moore. “Between the two of us we can pretty much give them the literary night of their life.”