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Whether you’re an actress or a waitress, looks are important.  Plastic surgery is becoming more common for a lot of folks and not just women.  Plenty of men are considering plastic surgery.  It’s faster, cheaper and less painful than ever!  News With A Twist’s Teaching Doctor, Dr. Rachel, explains why men are getting a nip and tuck.”

Plastic surgery isn’t a woman’s game anymore.  Men want to play ball too!

When society expects you to have that model physique and exercise just isn’t enough, it’s hard to rewind through the folds of time.

Dr. Cynthia Mizgala owns her own practice in Metairie called “A Woman Plastic Surgeon.

“Most men are afraid of the doctor but when they get to know we’re not all evil and everything is easy and pleasant, they’re often back for other procedures,” Mizgala says.

There’s different reasons why more dudes are going under the knife.  Weight loss surgery can often leave behind saggy skin, it doesn’t hurt to have a youthful complexion in a competitive job market and some are getting back into the dating pool after a divorce, as is the case for Andre Halaburda.

“I like good, balanced women.  So I need to provide the same, ” says Halaburda.

Dr. Mizgala has been helping Andre Halaburda create a more rejuvenized version of himself.

“I would recommend it to any man.  It’s fast, easy to use and you see the results right away,” says Halaburda.

Dr. Mizgala says, “When a man comes in for Botox, that’s often a door opener.  When they see that it is pretty much painless, easy, and gives them a natural look instead of that overdone look they’re very afraid of, they’ll often come back and maybe do a little more next time, or a different area.”

Besides Botox and Microdermabrasion, a revolutionary new non-invasive procedure that’s growing in popularity among men is Cool Sculpting.  It basically freezes and kills fat cells without having to diet or exercise.  The procedure takes about an hour and recovery is minimal.

“Common areas for the men, the love handles.  As they say you don’t have to love your love handles, and the abdomen.  They want their six-pack back,” Dr. Mizgala says.

Naturally, women are the biggest consumers of plastic surgery.  Men make up just over 10% of the mold and that number is growing.  Nationally, the top 3 invasive procedures are rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and liposuction.

Mizgala says, “Now in my practice, with all the wonderful restaurants we have in the New Orleans area, liposuction is definitely higher up.”

We live in a youthful culture and everyone wants to look younger.  More and more men are realizing that it doesn’t hurt to go under the knife.

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