Local actor discusses his role in new Hulu Series, Catch 22

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METAIRIE, La. — Old Metairie native, Graham Patrick Martin, is an actor who has landed roles in hit shows like “The Good Doctor, and “Two and a Half Men.”

Now, he’s appearing  in a new Hulu series, “Catch 22.”

The series is about U.S. World War II air patrols, and it’s based on the cult 1961 satirical novel by Joseph Heller.

We got a chance to chat with Graham about the new show, and we even took a quick trip down memory lane at his favorite snow ball shop, Sal’s Sno-balls.

“This is where I grew up. I grew up on Sal’s after play practice at Country Day, after my football games at Metairie playground which is now Pontiff playground,” Graham says as he takes a bite out of his icy snack.

From stage acting as a child, to co-starring alongside George Clooney as the character Orr, Graham says that Catch 22 is a highlight of his acting career.

The six episode mini-series premiers on Hulu on Friday, May 17th.

“It goes from being this sort of really big comedy to being this dark, dark, human drama. I don’t think it’s like anything anyone has seen before,” says Graham.

All of the episodes will post on Hulu on its release date, so put your binge-watching pants on, and keep an eye out for this Louisiana boy.


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