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“It was really magical, it was exactly what I could have hoped for,” said Rose the living statue in Jackson Square, speaking of the marriage proposal where she played a major part.

“A Moment with Rose” is about to change a young woman’s life, and make or break a relationship.

Weeks of preparing came down to that minute on a cool morning in the French Quarter, during French Quarter Fest. It’s not only something the young couple from Colorado will remember forever, but the street performer too.

“When I created Rose, I thought about this exact situation and how wonderful it would be to be apart of somebody’s proposal. Because of the act, I have a thing, and then I give it to a person. How beautiful it would be to be apart of that. This day has really been my dream come true.”

Rose can be found in Jackson Square, and from one second to the next the tone of her day changes.

While this instant for her was magical, just minutes before a man asked her if she felt like she was “wasting her life” doing her art.

For those naysayers she has a message: “Leave me alone, I’m here to create beauty and magic for people and art.”

However standing still for hours on end while hundreds of people pass her by she observed one thing about the human race.

“There aren’t many crappy people. There’s one thing I’ve learned from doing this work is that most people are good.”