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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) –  For our next installment of “Living Among the Dead,” we’re headed to a famous French Quarter mansion.

The story goes that the owner of this mansion, Jean Baptiste LePretre fell into ruin. He couldn’t afford to keep up his beautiful house, so a Turkish man asked to rent the house. The tenant turned out to be Prince Suleyman, but he claimed to be the Sultan of a middle-eastern country. The fake Sultan had many wives and family members, in addition to his large amount of slaves. The house was redecorated, with heavy draperies immediately covering all of the windows. Padlocked front doors were protected by Turkish guards.

Passing by one morning, a neighbor noticed the house was unusually quiet, and then saw blood oozing out of the front door. The police found unimaginable horror there. Bodies were dismembered and parts were thrown all about the house. Women, children, and guards were slaughtered and beheaded. There was just one body that had not been butchered, that of the fake Sultan. He was found buried in the courtyard, with one hand reaching up through the dirt as if to claw his way out. He was buried alive.

It is said that the real Sultan was Prince Suleyman’s brother, who got his revenge. He massacred everyone involved in this lie.

The owner, Nina Neivens, says that whatever entity is in the house is a notorious key hider. Previous tenants have noticed doors slamming shut as well as toilet paper unraveling before their eyes.