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TERREBONNE PARISH, La. — If you saw a hitchhiker stranded on Bayou Sale Road, would you pick him up? In today’s “Living Among the Dead,” we’re headed to southern Terrebonne Parish.

Bayou Sale Road connects the towns of Dulac and Chauvin in Southern Terrebonne Parish. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in South Louisiana.

The area is one where cultures collided. French settlers, the United Houma Nation, and the Biloxi Chitamatcha Choctaw Nation all laid claim to this territory. At one point, the area even housed plantation homes and of course, slaves.  When so many cultures share an area, there are so many stories that come with it.

Bayou Sale Road has had some interesting reports, and the most prominent is that of a ghostly hitchhiker. Those who take their time down this road report seeing a man on the side of the road looking for a ride. When the car slows down to pick him up, he either disappears or the driver notices that he is somehow transparent.

Legends say if you try to pick him up, that he will suddenly request treasure or the soul of a passenger. You obviously don’t want to oblige that request, but what would happen if you did? No one knows.