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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)– We all know that Uber had a rocky start getting permission to start offering rides in New Orleans.  Now, Uber may have some competition from a local company.  Limousine Livery launched it’s own Livery Car app.  WGNO reporter Deepak Saini has the story.

Limousine Livery has been in New Orleans for 30 years.  The name bears historical significance as well.

“In the middle ages, it comes from moving people around from horse and buggy carriages and that’s where livery services came from. So the modern version of livery is chauffeurs and automobile transportation,” says Limousine Livery owner Aaron Dirks.

They offer luxury service for a fraction of the cost.  What would have traditionally cost around $100 now averages around $20.

“You have options to select an SUV or a sedan right now. You can either take it in town or if you need to go to the airport. However, since a third of our fleet is limousines of our 70 vehicles, you might have a limousine show up for you, as a complimentary upgrade,” says Dirks.

The company is upgrading its own services with the Livery Car app.

“We started working on ‘Livery Car’ three years before Uber was attempting to come into New Orleans, so we’ve been working on the technology far longer than that,” says Dirks.

Livery is able to offer its services at a low cost because of its 70 vehicle fleet.

“We don’t have dynamic surge pricing that if it’s very busy and there’s not a lot of inventory available, you’re not going to get hit with an eight times the fare just because there’s not a lot of cars around,” says Dirks.

The app is in BETA form right now.  You can plug in where you want to go, it gives you a rate, along with a picture of the driver and an option to ring him up.

“You can call us. We’re a local firm. We got 100 employees sitting right here. You can’t call the competition and complain and ask for support,” says Dirks.

You can also book a car in advance so if you need to be picked up in a few days or a week, the option is yours.

“This has been a passion and an honor to be able to bring back a great company and bring it beyond the borders of Louisiana,” says Dirks.

Limousine Livery says because they’re local, the money stays local.  The app service is only offered in New Orleans right now but the company plans to offer it to 300 cities worldwide.

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