Like a ‘preacher’ he delivers the money sermon to high school sports stars

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NEW ORLEANS - Earl Mackie, Jr walks the walk.

He walks it just the way he did when he was still a student at New Orleans Warren Easton High School.

Earl Mackie, Jr graduated in the Class of 2017.

He says, "the place will always be here, always have a place to come back to and to say that I've graduated from here with such a unique history."

Earl Mackie, Jr really is part of the history of Warren Easton High School.

And he's part of the present.

And looks like he'll always be part of the school's future.

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Wild Bill asks him, "how much is this school part of your heart?

The answer is the reason Earl's back not just to walk the walk, but to talk the talk.

He's a college kid now with a message for high school students who play sports.

Wild Bill says, "you're sort of like a preacher preaching a sermon!"

Earl says, "going to Warren Easton and hanging out with athletes, you appreciate what you have and what other people don't have."

The kids on the court are in Earl Mackie, Jr's congregation now.

And the sermon is all about money.

It's the kind of sermon sports stars don't often get.  Or maybe they just forget.

"Some people don't have the financial literacy and don't know what to do with a credit card and how to
manage their money," Earl says.

That's why Earl Mackie, Jr comes back from Baton Rouge where he studies sports management at LSU.  He's always been a team player.

He was on the basketball team, played football, but was never the star quarterback or guy who slam dunked the team to victory.

That's how he got his nickname.

The Turk.

That's right, the Turk.

Now his nickname is the name of his mission to teach kids how to manage money

He calls it Turk Sports. You can discover Turk Sports if you just click right here.

With Turk Sports, "I go and talk to them to have an impact on them and teach them on financial literacy, something that's important to me."

The message is how to take the ball from the hoop to the bank.

Turk Sports invites you to the 2018 Best of the Boot Awards for high school athletes.  Here's the poster:


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