“Life Swings” Program looking to change the lives of kids

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New Orleans – Golf is a game that requires intense concentration, practice and precision.

A little rap never hurt to remember how to swing.

There are thousands of golf courses where the sport is played.

None are as unique as a community center in the Ninth Ward, where a special golf program is in full swing!

Combining golf lessons with life lessons is a strategy that coach Glennon Bazzle hopes will change the lives of kids.

“Golf is a different kind of game where you can learn more about a person in two holes, then you can in two years,” Coach Bazzle says.

Bazzle started the “Life Swings” program in Alabama where he noticed an improved attitude shift in his students.

“The older kids that were bullying the younger kids are now protecting them. ‘Don’t mess with her she’s my teacher.’ The younger kids their esteem raised, and the older kids humbled themselves,” says Bazzle.

The success of this program is dependent on mutual respect.

“I’m Coach Bazzle, or Mr. Bazzle, Or Coach Glennon, or Mr. Glennon and I respect them. I call them ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs’ even though they’re five and six years old. They look at you like something wrong with you. It’s all respect,” says Bazzle.

Another important lesson that “Life Swings” provides is accountability.

“The class is 15 dollars, it’s free if you come to class. If you don’t come to class, you have to pay 15 dollars for that hour you missed. That’s where the accountability will come in,” says Bazzle.

The golf program is not limited to just kids.  Whether a student is six or sixty, Coach Bazzle says students will all start at the same learning level.


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