Kids do lunch with deputies and devour the power of law enforcement

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LULING, La –  On the lunch menu at a St. Charles Parish School, tacos and a side salad.

And a side of conversation with a cop.

WGNO News with a Twist fun guy Wild Bill Wood travels to Luling because for the first time, fifth graders are fine dining with law enforcement officers.

They’re now serving it all up in the cafeteria at Lakewood Elementary School.

It’s food to fuel a relationship that could develop into maybe even a friendship someday between a kid and a cop.

It’s all part of a parish program called Eat on the Beat.

At this buffet, good cops get to share some stories.

And a 10-year-old fifth grader like Brayden Gregory gets the chance to share something, too.

His lunch.

He brought a ham sandwich and chips.

And he’s already sharing his chips with Deputy George Cunningham.

It’s food for thought.

Doing lunch with a deputy.

Devouring just, who is behind the power….

For the cops, lunch is free.

For the kids, the lunchroom experience is forever, priceless.





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