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NEW ORLEANS — It’s the kind of dish that will soothe your soul — and feed a large crowd!

Katie’s Kitchen is back this week, offering up the best recipes from Chef Scot Craig, owner of the iconic Katie’s Restaurant and Bar in Mid-City.

Today’s recipe is lasagna.

For Fred LeBlanc, drummer of Cowboy Mouth and friend of Chef Craig, there’s good lasagna, and there’s great lasagna.

Chef Craig’s lasagna — that’s GREAT lasagna.

Here’s the recipe:

Lasagna—serves 10 people

-Lasagna noodles

-Ground meat 1/2 pound

-Ground pork 1/2 pound

-Ground veal 1/2 pound

-Onion 1/4 diced

-Bell pepper 1/4 diced

-Celery 2 stalks diced

-Fresh garlic 2 cloves chopped

-Mozzarella 2 pounds

-Ricotta 3 cups

-Eggs 4 eggs

-Fresh basil to taste



-Red gravy of your choice

-In 2 inch 10 x 12 pan 

In pot add olive oil and veggies (trinity) with salt, pepper and dry Italian seasoning and cook till soft. Add all three meats and cook till well done. Add cup of red gravy to finish mixture.

Mix ricotta, eggs and fresh basil in a separate bowl. Begin layering the pasta noodles first and then the meat and cheeses in 3 separate layers. Should make 3 layers of ingredients.

Finish the top with one last layer of noodles then top off with the mozzarella.

Bake at 350 for about 30-45 mins.

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