Japanese Theme Park has Fake “Bad Guys” You Can Punch!

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A theme park in Osaka, Japan is doing its best to help guys impress their dates and friends and feel like a hero.

The Hirakata Park has actors you can hire to be “bad guys” The “bad guys” will then meet with you in the park, act rude to you and your companions, and start a tussle. Then you punch them and scare them away!  Or at least that’s how it looks to your now swooning date and/or impressed friends.

The “fight” is actually more like an elaborate play, with the fighting all staying pretend.  The “bad guys” are actors who work in and are hired by the park.  The park actually also requires you to attend a class prior to your scuffle to make sure it looks good and no one gets hurt.  They also set up a designated spot to make sure everything happens according to plan.  Finally, the park reminds you not to tell you date about it for maximum surprise factor.

If fighting random strangers isn't your idea of a good time, Hirakata Park also offers other packages where guests defuse a fake bomb, swap bodies with a stranger or offer their blood to someone who urgently needs a transfusion.

Hirakata Park is actually the older amusement park in Japan, opening it's doors in over 100 years ago,  in 1910.

But the question is, would you pretend to fight “bad guys” to impress a date? How much would you be willing to pay?


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