It’s time for a new Causeway bridge over Lake Pontchartrain

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The Causeway was closed for a short time this morning due to severe weather.   Last week, the Causeway closed one afternoon for about 30 minutes for the same reason.  It’s a good thing most of us aren’t motorcycle riders or drive a truck carrying glass because about once a week or so, the Causeway would be closed to us.

The original Causeway bridge was built in 1956, right after the Korean War.  The 2nd span was built in 1969 during the Vietnam war.  It’s safe to say no one thought we would still be using both these bridges.

I would imagine in almost any other city in America, new Causeway bridges would have been built by now.  But not here.

Thank goodness for Carlton Dufrechou, the guy who saved Lake Pontchartrain.  He runs the Causeway Commission now and has cleaned up the old school politics and patronage that used to be part of everyday life at the Causeway. But Dufrechou can’t build a new bridge.  Only we can.

Isn’t a new Causeway long overdue?   Decades overdue?  We can’t shut down a major artery servicing greater New Orleans almost every time severe weather rolls through town.  Southshore and especially Northshore folks deserve better.  It’s time now for a new Causeway bridge.

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