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NEW ORLEANS-  There’s a duo in the French Quarter that puts on an incredible act that you have to see to believe. It’s a story about a street performer and his dog.  Adam Bowles reports that they’re baffling a lot of people in the audience.

You may have seen him. You may have heard about him. “I have something I want y’all to see. There’s a dog that’s playing dead,” A spectator says.

A dog named Hoser plays dead in the French Quarter, but actually he just had a ‘ruff’ night in New Orleans. 7-year-old, pit bull mixed Hoser and his owner Michael have been doing this very creative act for about four years and still after four years, the people of New Orleans wonder, “How is he doing that?”

“He loves to sleep on his back, Michael from New Jersey says. “As long as I encourage him with treats, you know he loves attention, you know surprisingly enough he actually enjoys it.”

But, sometimes the unordinary can seem questionable.

“That’s what a lot of people don’t understand you know, I get people that ‘you know your drugging your dog you must be abusing him’ I’m like there’s nothing tying him down, you know if he wants to get up he’s got his own free will and if I force him to do it he would never want to do it anyway,” Michael says.

Before this act even started, Hoser had a tough life. Michael rescued him from an abusive owner as a puppy. He was raised aggressive and Michael trained him to be kind.  “He just needed love and in turn he kind of saved me a little bit,” Michael says.

Michael was an alcoholic a few years ago. Getting Hoser, changed his ways and he stopped doing drugs and became sober. Now they’re entertaining others from all over the country and the world.  “He’s well taking care of obviously. I think he eats before his master does and he’s such a just a good guy,” Debra from Alabama says.

Next time you’re in the French Quarter, be on the look out for this duo. You’ll see a dog playing dead, but a friendship that will never die.

Hoser and Michael can be seen the most in the French Quarter around 7p.m. on Bourbon Street.