It’s how you hit. And it’s the shoes you wear. Winning the Little League World Series

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NEW ORLEANS – Back home.

Back at home plate.


It’s Derek DeLatte and his dad.

Derek is hitting 91 mph fastballs.

That’s how you do it on the Louisiana baseball team that won the Little League World Series.

WGNO News with a Twist fun guy Wild Bill Wood says this team is amazing.

They are now Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by The Keating Law Firm.

Wild Bill asks Derek DeLatte, “what’s the secret to your success?”

Derek says, “all the practice, hard work and our whole team we are very smart with baseball, we know a lot about baseball and how the game works.”

No doubt about that.

And no doubt part of the success is something they wear.

Their shoes.

They’re decorated by one of the designing baseball dads.

His name is Floyd Perrot.

Wild Bill asks “what gave you the notion to become the Jimmy Choo of baseball shoes?”

Floyd Perrot says, “pretty much the boys helped me design it, their ideas and i just make them happen.”

Wild Bill says, “and the shoes brought victory!”

Floyd Perrot says, “it had to be the shoes, they got eight more runs, six more runs as soon as they put the shoes on.”

Arriving at the airport,, after almost a month on the road, after missing the start of school and after setting Little League World Series records, they came home to a parade with a brass band.

And they returned to hundreds of fans.

They are celebrities now.

And everybody, it seems, wants an autograph.



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