It’s beginning to look a lot like Chris Martin finally found his family a Christmas tree

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COVINGTON, La – It really is beginning to look a lot like Chris, Martin has found not just any Christmas tree.

He has found THE tree.

He’s found it with his measuring stick.

And he’s found it with help from his mom, her name is Rindi.

And he’s got his dad whose name is also Chris.

And his sister McKenzie. She’s six.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is somewhere in the middle of this holiday mix.

Chris Martin himself is just twelve.

But he’s leading the way.

The way is to find the family’s first real, live Christmas tree.

And Chris Martin is ready for the search.

In fact, Chris knows what his nose needs.

Wild Bill Wood asks Chris Martin, “what should a Christmas tree smell like?”

Chris Martin says, “it should not smell minty like a toilet or anything like that, it should smell like the definition of Christmas, should smell good, has to smell like something grassy like the Savannah in Africa.”

As close as he could come to this kind of experience is about 45 minutes north of New Orleasn.

It’s the Country Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Covington, Louisiana.

It’s the place where 5,000 holiday contestants stand tall as they audition for families hoping to be the one.

Wild Bill Wood says, “between you and me, why don’t you just go the mall and get a fake tree that you csan recycle every Christmas holiday season?”

Chris Martin says, “if you go to the mall, where’s the tradition and where’s the family experience is you go to the mall to go buy a Christmas tree that’s already perfect.”

Then Chris announces, “I think it should be, this one!”

It’s the one he cuts down himself with help from Neal Sharp who has been in the family Christmas tree business now for 40 years.

Chris cuts down his top tree.

It’s an eight-foot Carolina Sapphire.

Wild Bill asks “Is this something  you think you’ll remember forever?”

Chris says, “I’ll definitely remember this for the rest of my life and whenever I go with my kids, I’ll tell them about today.”

There’s no place like home for the holidays.

Especially when your home is now the place for your Christmas tree.

Country Pines Christmas Tree Farm is open weekends from  8 am to f5 pm.

Just click right here to find about more about Country Pines.



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