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Whether you prefer cruises to road-trips or cities to forests, you are a traveler at heart and you deserve these items.

Some items get packed naturally, while others need to be added to the list.

When it comes time for your next getaway, be sure to have these items handy.

Wanderchain by The Wander Club

I can’t wait till the end to tell you this, so I’m starting with it. These tokens make the BEST gifts ever. Taking the kids to Disney, give them a token. A cruise, a token. Graduation trip, a token! I can’t say it enough.

Now, the idea behind the Wanderchain is quite simple. Kenny Azama, founder of The Wander Club explained, “Part of the fun of traveling for me has always been to collect souvenirs from each place I visited. From handmade mugs, to beautiful paintings, to jars of preserved snakes, to African warrior masks – I collected them all. But as time went on and I traveled more and collected more, I began to realize that I was just accumulating things…” The Wander Club was created with one goal in mind… TO CREATE A SIMPLE WAY FOR YOU TO KEEP ALL OF YOUR TRAVELS IN ONE PLACE. The Wanderchain is essentially a keychain version of your passport. But instead of collecting stamps, you collect engraved tokens for every country, US state, or province that you’ve wandered through. But over time, it has developed into so much more. For every engraved token you purchase, The Wander Club will donate a meal to an orphan abroad through the help of their non-profit partner, Rice Bowls. By shopping at The Wander Club, you are directly helping to feed orphans around the world.

sukk straws

We are seeing more and more restaurants, food chains, theme parks, cities and states complying with ridding of plastic straws. You either have to ask for one, or they simply don’t carry them anymore. Which isn’t the most convenient. And, lets be honest, who likes to drink out of a soggy paper straw? Not us.

Sukk is a Los Angeles, California based company that was created out of a need for sustainability that fit your everyday lifestyle needs. More and more of us make a conscious consumer choice that benefits the world we live in. Yet, we also want to enjoy our Tall, Grande or Venti drinks without knowing that 90% of the 30 million tons of plastic waste we generate in America goes to landfill.

That’s where Sukk comes in. Sukk provides a sustainable, extendable, retractable and compact drinking straw that not only fits on your keychain, but also fits your personal style. From the stainless steel straws, vegan leather carry case, recycled paper thank you tags, to the 100% compostable shipping bags, we care about sweet Mother Earth.

Sukk straws are food grade stainless steel, oxidation-free, dishwasher safe, virtually unbreakable, retractable and extendable. Extendable from 2.5 inches all the way to 8.5 inches, whatever the size of your glass, we fit. And for all you straw biters, this ones for you. Feel free to gnaw down on the BPA-free silicone tip.

It’s time to make a change, and design doesn’t have to suffer either. It’s your lifestyle and Sukk wants to be part of your everyday drinking experience.

Mini Curling Iron by Glister

Get control of your curls on-the-go with the Mini Curls styling wand from Glister! Designed with an easy-to-use clip, the Mini Curls wand can create big volume, soft waves, or romantic ringlets with just one tiny tool. The ultra compact size allows you to easily fit your tool in any bag or purse without sacrificing other necessities. Travel in style with our limited edition designer carrying pouches.

Features & Benefits:

  • Professional salon-grade travel curler
  • Black Tourmaline Gemstone barrel infusion provide the ultimate experience in even heating
  • Ionic Technology promotes silkier, smoother hair and eliminates frizz & fly-aways
  • Sleek, ergonomic, and compact
  • Non-slip grip for control & comfort
  • Worldwide voltage works everywhere you go
  • Lifetime Glister Guarantee

Cashmere Scarf by Jack & Mary Designs

Jack & Mary Designs specializes in sweater refashions and upcycling wool into environmentally friendly accessories that give natural fiber a whole new life. Donated and recycled sweaters become colorful, quality, handmade, and one-of-a-kind mittens, scarves, headbands, hats, and skirts. Jack & Mary Designs is at the forefront of women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion and the green movement. Their upcycled wool mittens, hats, headbands, and other accessories are sold at over 275 retailers all over the nation and online. And all of their products are made in America. Keeping things handmade in Maine provides jobs for local women, helps maintain quality control and turn products around quickly, and is better for the environment.

So if we put aside all of the goodness that is the first paragraph, what are we left with? Well, we are left with the softest, warmest, most soothing and comfortable scarf I’ve ever owned. Made of cashmere, from recycled sweaters, re-purposed into a fun, colorful, multi-pattern infinity scarf. The scarf measures 72″ long, so it can be wrapped once, twice, even three times! There are so many colors to choose from, you can find a scarf to match every outfit.

I also tried the cashmere scrunchies and I love them! They charge $24 for three scrunchies, which I agree sounds like a lot of money for ponytails… but they are better for your hair than any other hair ties. They are thick and bulky, which keep them from pulling and breaking hair. They are also really soft so they don’t hold too hard, which normally leads to those terrible ponytail crimps. These scrunchies are very popular, and often sell out, so if you see them available. I highly recommend making the purchase!

Be sure the check out the entire website, as Jack & Mary Designs have so many other products to offer, including mittens, hats, headbands, and even baby accessories!

Pocket Palette

The Pocket Palette

The Pocket Palette is a serious travel girl game changer. BB cream, mascara, lip and cheek color, all in one compact, portable and disposable packet!  That’s right, use it, abuse it, and throw it away. If you wear makeup, you know the struggle of having to lug your whole makeup bag around with you. It’s heavy, inconvenient, and sometimes unsanitary. So the founder and CEO Lynda, created the Pocket Palette to help all of us out.

The Pocket Palette can be purchased in a 10 pack ($34.99), 4 pack ($11.99), or individually ($4.) The BB Cream comes in four shades, and you can even buy the variety pack (one of each shade) to figure out which fits you best. The variety pack is $14.99.

Every palette comes with a “full-face setup.” That includes four single servings — a single serving of BB cream, a pink cream that does double duty for your lips and cheeks, and a mascara wand pre-dipped in long-lasting mascara. Once you’re done with your touch up, simply throw away the whole kit. You can continue your day without having to be continuously reminded that you are carrying your makeup, giving you room in your bag for more important things, like books and snacks. Keep one in your car, your office, locker, or anywhere you might need your makeup.

Pocket Palette is also happy to stay up-to-date with what’s trending in the makeup world. BB Cream is used in place of foundation, because BB Cream is an all-in-one product for the face. It has the benefits of a serum, moisturizer, primer, and foundation. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a sheer foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage. BB Cream is also more blendable and can match a wider range of skin tones. The darkest shade, however, is a foundation. “We added a dark foundation after we did further customer research and received feedback that this foundation matched better with darker skin tones than the shades available in a BB cream.”

Pocket Palettes are made in the US, and are cruelty-free. The BB Cream/foundation is fragrance-free, paraben-free, and oil-free. The mascara is formulated with a balanced PH, making it gentle on sensitive eyes. The lip/cheek cream is also paraben-free, with a mineral base. Ingredients include avocado oil, which promotes elasticity, Vitamin E, which adds moisture and works as an antioxidant. *Pocket palette products contain beeswax, so they are not considered vegan.

I love the concept of the Pocket Palette. I have four of the palettes. I intend to use mine for traveling. Road trips, flights, etc. I may even slip one into my gym bag in case I decide to go out afterwards. With the Pocket Palette, the opportunities are endless!