Hugs Across America: 7-year-old girl travels the country to hug a cop in every state

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PONCHATOULA, La – A little Louisiana girl is in a big hurry.

She’s in a hurry to hug a cop.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says the little girl is amazing.

In fact, she’s one of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids, nominated for multiple Emmys and brought to you by the Keating Law Firm.

The amazing girl who is on a mission to hug is Rosalyn Baldwin. She’s just seven.

And her mission is to hug a cop, at least one cop maybe more,  in every state.

Everybody who gets a hug also gets a heart sticker because the hugs come from Rosalyn’s heart.

Rosalyn says, ” I’m hugging them because they risk their lives for other people. Because they risk their lives and they’re kind and they’re everything and besides, there are more good police officers than bad police officers.”

Wild Bill asks Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson if he’s ever had a hug like that in all ten years he’s been the head of Ponchatoula’s Police Department.

The chief says, “first time for a hug of that magnitude.”

After a year, Rosalyn has hugged half the country.

So far 25 states down and 25 to go.

Rosalyn Baldwin has hugged cops in Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan and Arkansas.

As she travels cross country, her mom is her driver.

But her mom is not her driving force.

Angie Baldwin says, “no, I would not have thought about going to 50 states, trust me, this was inspired completely by her. She loves police officers.”

From coast to coast, hugs are inspiring her mission.

But so far, not her career.

Wild Bill asks Rosalyn Baldwin if she wants to be a police officer when she grows up.

Rosalyn says, “no, it’s too dangerous.”

She says she wants to be a veterinarain.

So she’ll grown up and go from hugging cops to canines.

In the meantime, she’s got half the country to hug.



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