House of Faith Ministries helping keep homeless fed, & clean

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As if it wasn’t hot enough outside in South Louisiana, Pastor Christina Ford works her magic over a deep fryer outside.

However the heat doesn’t bother her, she greets each of her regulars with a smile outside of the House of Faith Ministries.

Her regulars are people from the streets, the homeless, or just anyone in need of a little help.

“I love helping people, I think I was born to serve,” Ford says.

She isn’t just feeding their bellies, but keeping them clean too.

“I set up the church so they can come and take a bath once a week. And I feed them once a week. Once a week they can be clean,” she states.

“Some of them look a little better, they looking better.” member Timothy Hamilton says, “they take baths and stuff. She gives them clothes and stuff. They just love this place.”

Working long hours, and taking care of so many people, has inspired other to do help her.

New Orleans East business, Designer Cuts is offering haircuts to those in need every other week.

The hair stylists say that they want people to look their best when they go into job interviews.

Hamilton sings Ford’s praises, “she’s a woman of God. She’s about the community.”

The long hours of helping the homeless are paying off.

Pastor Ford had a visitor to her church just this past week saying, “I had a young Caucasian woman that came in here last week, and said ‘Pastor, I’m working, I’m off the street, I got an apartment, I got a job.’ I said, ‘thank you, Lord!'”

Now she’s looking to expand and take over the building next to her church.

However she needs help, from a plumber and an electrician to get the building ready.

However Pastor Ford will take whatever help she can get.

“Anything you have you can donate, cause when they come here they need everything.”


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