Hometown Horror Stories: The Ghosts of The Tea Witch Cafe

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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA-- An interesting fact is that tasseography is a type of fortune-telling method using tea leaves.  The Tea Witch Cafe on Magazine Street in New Orleans, does not offer tea leaf readings.  However, they do offer a soulful selection of fine teas, as well as the chance to experience a few ghosts.

Tru is a self proclaimed tea witch that blew in with the wind from New York, back in the 90's.  She says she was following a black cat and it led her to a new business venture.

"I followed him in as my familiar," says Tru.

She was on a mission to sell tea to the current cafe owner and instead, she was persuaded to buy the shop.

"She said, oh I love your tea, but i'm going to be closing.  I decided then that there was something pulling me to this space and I decided to buy it. We do know there is a spirit that died near this space beyond the walls, that we've felt during different events that we've had," says Tru.

Tru believes that some of the spirits inhabiting the shop were once sex workers that were targeted and murdered, but they aren't the only residents of this space.

"I've seen other spirits in here... my father.  He shows up when i'm not here to kind of keep an eye on things. I tell everyone who works here that daddy is watching over everything.  They've felt him.  We've thrown seances here and he's shown up.  Without ever knowing what he looked like or how he dressed, they described exactly who he was and I knew it was my father," says Tru.

Tru says that if you want to contact the dead, the trick is to use all your senses to feel their presence.  "You just have to open yourself up to it.  I feel them and smell them.  I'll feel their touch and they might actually rub against me," says Tru.

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