Hometown Horror Stories: A Voodoo Encounter of the Worst Kind

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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA– You might need some good gris gris for this story about a stirring nightmarish tale in the Treme community.

Belfazaar Ashantison is a traditional voodoo priest in New Orleans and says, “voodoo in and of it’s self is a healing tradition. When we get called for something, we automatically have the mind to heal the rift between somebody’s ancestor and them. But seeing some of the things I have seen… I go in prepared for just about anything.”

Ashantison had an otherworldly encounter three years ago that would make blood curdle.  He was assigned to help a family of clients for what what was believed to be just a mild case of bad juju.  What may have started out as a bit of negative energy had now become the food for something malicious inside of a family home.

“I knew something was off because as soon as I started getting closer to the house, goosebumps in the back of my neck went off and everything within me was saying turn around. Things started falling of the walls and getting knocked of the shelves and windows started rattling,” says Ashantison.

Ashantison believes to this day, that he was up against a slender man; an entity with the intention of tormenting its victims.

“All I saw was the shadow of a person. It had extremely long arms and legs in the high corner, sitting there watching,” says Ashantison.

After fighting with the being for four hours with the use of camphor, polo santo and sage, the entity had gone.  The mind is an amazing thing.  Many voodoo practitioners will tell you that in the voodoo religion, sometimes when you really want something to happen, it does. Sometimes when you really don’t want something to happen… It does as well.

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