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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – So often in New Orleans we see the homeless, but we don’t slow down long enough to look at them as real people.   The New Orleans Mission aims to change that perception with a  new ad campaign called, “Sincerely, Homeless.”

A series of spots are running on television as part of the campaign.  43-year old, Jeannette Shelton and 40-year old, James Harter are featured in the “Sincerely, Homeless” commercials.

“The hardest thing about being homeless is knowing that I have family, who know I’m homeless.  My family wasn’t willing to help.  They were pretty much about themselves.  I truly think deep down inside that homeless people are being misunderstood,”  Shelton said.

Harter said being part of these commercials was unexpected, but part of God’s plan.

“We’re not invisible people.  We all have a background.  We all have a past.  We all have a future.  Everyone needs to know there is love and compassion,”  he said.

He now works at the office of The New Orleans Mission so he can help others get off the streets.

Both James and Jeannette are on their road to recovery.

“The Mission’s changed my life.  I can trust God.  We can be a better person by putting our life in a new perspective,”  she said.

The New Orleans Mission is privately funded and relies on generous donations to support all their programs.  New Orleans ranks second in homeless in the nation.  New York City is number one.

You can read more letters of hope and love written by the homeless on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  For more information: