Home with the Hardys: Laine Hardy’s mom talks about her son’s American Idol journey

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NEW ORLEANS– There’s a lot of buzz surrounding a bayou boy!  We’re talking about Laine Hardy, who’s in the Top 6 on “American Idol.”

Of course Laine’s loving family has been there to support him all the way.  News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez talked with Laine Hardy’s mom Cindy about her son’s Idol journey.

Before Louisiana guy Laine Hardy rose to fame on “American Idol,” he was just a bayou boy.  His mom Cindy said her son will never lose his Louisiana roots.

“This is Laine’s life right here in Livingston, he loves four wheeling, he loves going out on the pond, he loves going up and down the street in his truck, burning gas, and he loves to be barefoot.”

His mom says that now that he’s in Hollywood for “American Idol,” this is her 18-year old son’s first time away from home.

“He loves to be barefoot, so I was scared that he was going to be in California and go barefoot.  I told him not to walk around barefoot in California because people would think he’s crazy,” she said.

Cindy Hardy talks to Laine every day and she said that his family and friends keep in contact with him while he’s away.

“He’s nervous and stressed right now.  There’s a lot of pressure on him, but he’s handling it well.  I think that at first he wasn’t sure of himself, but now that he’s in the top 6, he really wants it, he wants it bad, he wants it now,” she said.

His mom said that Laine is very quiet, but being on the show has really opened him up.

“He told me he wanted to wear a suit on the show.  As a kid he always liked dressing up, wearing a suit to church.  I think those suits give him confidence on stage and help him with any stage fright,” his mom said.

Cindy Hardy is a mother to three kids, and has four granddaughters. Laine’s her baby.

“Laine is so humble.  He’s just a country boy, and I think everyone can relate to him because he’s very sweet.”

Laine’s been playing guitar since he was seven years old.  It wasn’t until his guitar teacher “Mr. Tim” asked him to sing while playing guitar three years ago.  That’s when they all realized he had something really special.

“Finally Laine said he’d sing for me.  He did and I was like Laine you can sing, and he said mom, you’re just saying that because you’re my mom, and I was like no baby, you can really sing,” she said.

His mom then got Laine to sing an entire song and she put up the video on YouTube and that’s when the whole “American Idol” thing begin to happen for him.

Last season Laine tried out for Idol, but didn’t make the Top 24.  This year he hadn’t planned on auditioning, but went to the auditions for one of his friends, and played guitar.  The judges: Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie begged him to audition, and he got a golden ticket to Hollywood again.

No matter what happens on “American Idol” in the next month, his mama said she’ll always have his back!

“Whatever he wants to do, I’m going to support him 110 percent.  He’s my baby!”

Laine’s parents go to Hollywood every week to watch him perform.

You can watch and vote for Laine this Sunday night right here on ABC WGNO-TV.   This week they will be narrowing down the competition from six to four contestants.

Let’s geaux Laine Hardy!






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