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METAIRIE, LaHe`s a back-seat-used car salesman….

He’s so good at selling, he`s got Hollywood calling.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is sitting in the front seat of the car that’s not just any car.

It’s the main car from the movie Green Book

That’s the Academy Award winning movie, Green Book.

Michael Schlumbrecht  is ready to rent anything on wheels.

From a school bus to an armored car.

The armored car was used in the movie Terminator and the movie Contraband.

For all movies made in Louisiana, his fleet is ready to roll.

He’s got the police car Bruce Willis sat in.

And the van from the movie Our Brand is Crisis with Sandra Bullock.

Michael Schlumbrect is a Metairie mechanic.

Twenty years ago, he got a phone call from a movie producer who needed a car he had

And needed Michael to play a motorcycle cop.

Michael says, “basically I was working set, nobody there could ride a motorcycle, so they stuck me on a bike and said, do this.”

With hundreds of his vehicles parked in show business history, Michael Schlumbrecht is a celebrity in the fast lane because up there on the silver screen, his car is a star.


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