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NEW ORLEANS –  It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.

And that’s because a convent of New Orleans nuns has the right recipe for the season.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is in the middle of the mix.

Wild Bill is actually in the middle of the mixing bowl.

He’s there with Sister Clara Jackson. She’s one of the nuns at Sisters of the Holy Family.

Here at their New Orleans sanctuary, the sisters of the Sisters of the Holy Family pray.

They pray every morning just as the sun rises.

They pray every day.  And they pray for everything.

And Sister Clara Jackson, she prays for the Christmas cookies.

They’re potato-chip-thin.

And filled with pecans.

Take one bite.

You’ll want to eat the entire tin of nearly 50 cookies.

Sister Clara could well be on her way to becoming the Patron Saint of Sweets.

She’s been a nun now for nearly 60 years.  And now, ’tis the season.

Sister Clara becomes baker-in-chief this time of year.

And she’s used to this time of year.

That’s because it’s been this time of year for quite a few years now.

It all started back around 1940,  That’s when the nuns started making, selling and shipping their tins of cookies across the country.

They sell them for $12. The money they make goes to their mission.

To order the cookies, just give Sisters of the Holy Family a call.

Here’s the number: (504) 241-3088 or you can fax the sisters (504) 241-9774.