He quit his job & spent his life savings because your face has a story

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NEW ORLEANS - Here's a question for you.

You may have already contemplated it from time to time.  Maybe more often. Maybe every day.

Would you, could you give up everything to make your one dream come true?

Would you quit your job?

That means giving up your regular paycheck, of course.

Would you take all your savings and sink every cent into that one dream that you've always been dreaming of?

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood has found a creative kid in New Orleans, Louisiana who has a dream.

And that dream is to see your face.

He is a twenty-year-old guy from New Orleans who wants to see your face.

That's why he gave it all up.

All for a photograph.  A photograph of your face.

That's your face and all the faces that fill up his Instagram page which you can see when you click right here.

Wild Bill Wood says to the guy with the Instagram page that is getting him so much attention, "you rearranged your life just for a camera?"

He says, "basically, the nine-to-five was not working for me, so I saved my money and bought a camera."

The face behind the faces is making a name for himself.

His name is Lou Dorsey.

Wild Bill asks Lou Dorsey, "what is it about faces that makes you want to take pictures?"

Lou Dorsey says, "most photographers take pictures of things like landscapes, I take faces because I see stories in faces."

And when he sees you on the street, when Lou Dorsey sees your face, he sees your story.

Lou Dorsey's story starts with the high school teacher who gave him a chance. She is also the teacher who gave him his first camera.

Lou took so many pictures, the camera broke. For a while, he was a photographer who was camera-less, but never, ever hopeless.

Lou Dorsey now has a camera.  But he's got even more.

He's got faith.

He's got faith in your face.


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