Guns, knives, tasers, booze: Here’s what people tried to sneak through New Orleans Airport

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NEW ORLEANS - You won't believe what people try to sneak through the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

The list is long: guns, knives, tasers, even bottles of booze.

New Orleans is always in America's Top Twenty for guns brought to airports.

Last year, in 2017, 56 guns were confiscated from people at the airport.

Already this year, 2018, seven guns have been taken from people trying to get on planes.

Most of the guns are loaded.

And there's a long list of lost and found stuff at the airport.

Maybe you've lost something like  jewelry, sunglasses, wedding rings, lap tops, hats, belts, even baby strollers.

If you've lost something, if you see it here, you can contact the Louis Armstrong International Airport and possibly get it back.

Because all this seems to happen all the time, the TSA, the Transportation Security Administration has some tips for airport travelers:

  • double check your carry-on bags BEFORE you leave home just to make sure you have not packed guns or knives
  • when you're packing, take the time to de-clutter what you're packing so you move quicker and more smoothly through the TSA checkpoints
  • wear slip on shoes so you can take them off and put them back on without having to sit down at the TSA checkpoints
  • if you're traveling with you loved pet ones, take them out of their carrying cases and place the case through the x-ray machine and take a leash to control your pet while you're moving through the line
  • consolidate all  your liquids into 3.4 ounce bottles and take them out of your carry-on bags
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