Chris Rose Gone Fishin’ with LBJ

Gone Fishing
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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – New Orleanians probably know Chris Rose’s name from reading his legendary work in The Times-Picayune, or maybe from “1 Dead in the Attic” his New York Times best-selling book of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

That’s why Rose was a natural choice for LBJ’s Gone Fishin’ series.

Rose spent most of his professional life commenting on the state of our city, but these days he’s got a new endeavor.

“There’s only two things that I know to do, and one of them is not fish.  I know how to write and I know how to talk, and I have no other marketable skills whatsoever,” he says. “What I have learned is that you make more money in this town talking than you can writing.”

Rose has started a unique take on French Quarter tours.

“The tour is – and I gotta get this right because sometimes I mix up words – basically it’s called The New Orleans Magical Musical History Mystery Tour.  What it is, the first thing is, every word of it is true. That’s the first tour that can guarantee that,” he says.

Some business owners would try to map out a marketing plan using traditional methods, but not him. He decided to capitalize on folks who were already in touch.

“You know I used to be famous … I used to be famous,” he says. “Back then, I got myself a lot of Facebook friends, and I held on to them, because one day I’m gonna need these people for something.”

Want to take a tour? Email Rose at


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