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(Shell Beach)- It was a quiet day out on Lake Borgne…almost *too* quiet. The fish were not even curious, so it got me thinking, was it something I said? Perhaps, something I ate?

This leads us to a superstition Captain Johnathan Sanchez is a firm believer in. He says, bananas and boiled eggs are bad luck.

He had always heard this from other captains, but until 8 years ago he wasn’t convinced. Then it happened.

“We started off the morning catch a few fish, one of the guys lost a rod n reel. Before he casted it out, he hooked his buddy, the rod n reel all went in the water and the line had popped, so I was like oh great, I cant even retrieve it back ya know” says Sanchez.

Finally lunch time approaches.

Sanchez says “(the client) asks the other one, you want somethin to eat, I got a banana, boiled eggs, all this good stuff, I’m goin thats great”.
This was just the beginning. At their next location, the boat engine got stuck!

Sanchez continues”I’m gonna stand on the ice chest to try, so I don’t sink in the mud, in the process of doing that, I break the lid off.”

If you think the bad luck ends there, think again!

“I’m aggravated, I’m wet, i broke the ice chest, i forgot to tie the lid down, I’m ready to get the hell outta here. i give that sucker gas, both of em are sitting here, that friggen lid comes back cleans him out, breaks of their glasses, splits one of them over the eye. I’m a firm believer in the banana and the boiled eggs” Sanchez said.