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SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) – “I started my guide business back in April 2015, and it got a lot more busy than I thought it was gonna get,” said captain Matt McCabe. “Getting into our busy time which is sometimes going into early fall and winter, right in the middle of October is my birthday. I turned 47. I blocked that day out to take my daughters fishing.”

As parents get older, memories become more important than gifts.

In fact, memories can become the best gifts, when your kids are becoming adults themselves. So, it was a no-brainer what Captain Matt and his daughters would be doing October 16th.

“I made them wake up early, I made them come to my place and see what I do on a guide day, so we literally left at 5 a.m. in the dark, run to the marina, picked up the bait just Iike I would do any other day with clients.”

But these clients were his most important yet.

“My 21-year-old Isabella, she’s my oldest, she’s a girly girl. My 17-year-old Marccella, she loves to hunt, she loves to fish,” McCabe explained.

Besides the passengers, conditions were ripe for a memorable day, where the father-daughter fishing bond grew as tight as the lines.

“I’m lookin’ and I’m seein’ these birds divin’ and I said something’s goin’ on. So I stopped, and I didn’t even have a rod out yet, so I reach in the rod locker, get one, make a cast, hooked up, and the fish to my youngest daughter, 10 minutes later its a 12 lb redfish.

“We get him in the boat, I unhook him I cast out and handed the pole to my 21-year-old daughter, and they literally caught 12 before we picked Joey up at the camp.”

In the thick of a busy charter season, time stopped for Matt.

“I never thought I could have that much fun, it was, like it almost wasn’t my birthday. One after another, watchin’ em go around the boat n fight em n see em ooh and ahh, and get him and get the net and unbelievable, just had so much fun.”

Matt and his daughters have reserved every October 16th for future birthday fishing trips.

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